Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gorbs Corp. Opens Its New York City Office

A brand new location in the theater district of NYC is just the beginning. Gorbs Corp., a full concept to finished product design company, is expanding. It looks as if the new address will be on Broadway in mid-town Mahattan - the perfect spot for the corporate office of a design and development company.

Gorbs is now focusing on search engine optimization consulting and promoting its Seminar Series entitled "Can You SEO?" Seminars will be booked throughout Long Island as well as in the NYC office. Check out, this blog, or and get on the mailing list for more information.

Gorbs Finally Launches Its Corporate Website!

After developing websites for everyone else, Gorbs finally gets its own site! Man, it's funny how graphic artists and the like do so many projects for other people that they totally disregard their own sites! "I have been working at different companies while building Gorbs Corp. since 2000 and, although I would dump hour upon hour into THEIR work, I was lucky if I changed the one email page on my site once a year!" Ron Smith said. "It was never any good, never placed in the search engines and didn't show anything about the company. Luckily word of mouth is an amazing thing!"

That's all finally changed with a new site coming September 3, 2009. With the recent and large expansion of Gorbs Corp. and the "Can You SEO?" Seminar Series, something had to be done!

"How can you do a seminar when your own company's website doesn't exist on the search engines? No matter how many clients' sites I've helped up there, it doesn't really matter." Ron said. "They won't take you seriously unless YOURS is there too."

But they do. The calls for an experienced SEO keep rolling in.

Ron's record speaks for itself. He has worked alongside some amazing talent in the field and helped rank Mortgage Expo, AllQuotes Insurance, Anderson Kent, IMTV, and many others. Some of these companies came and went but that just goes to show that if you are serious about SEO, it doesn't matter - Ron says "It's all about ranking and sales for your client. It's not your company so you can't really emotionally invest in it. It's a bad economy and not everyone can deal with that. Just do the job you're paid to do. If they go out of business, you have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you did your job and did it right."

Check out the new site some time next week and the the following week.


New SEO Seminar Series and Classes

The "Can You SEO?" Seminar Series is blasting off with 2 beginners’ dates to be announced as soon as the rooms are booked and the dates are solidified. They will touch on basic stratagies to get anyone interested in getting a better ranking for their website. You will leave with a much better understanding of what you need to do to get your site SEO-friendly, the 10 most important things NOT to do, the 5 most misunderstood search engine optimization myths and much, much more.

That's just the beginning. Ron Scott Smith, a web designer and developer for almost a decade, will be speaking and teaching classes on the advanced techniques used by big business and super affiliate marketers to rank high and stay there. These appearances will be posted here as well as on and as the dates are written in stone.

Also, check out the Can You SEO? group on facebook here. Tips, optimization techniques, ethics, fun stuff!

SEO DVDs and VOD Titles for the Holidays

The "Can You SEO? for Beginners" Series, as well as the more advanced SEO, PPC advertising and SEM classes should be available for purchase and/or download right before the holidays. Perfect for anyone with an interest in search engine optimization. That would include website designers and developers, small and large business owners, internal seo people and especially affiliate marketers. 

Affiliate marketers are some of the most web savvy people out there. The ones making even the slightest profit have so much talent in the area it's scary. That's not to say there's not more to learn. Many of the techniques - the "white hat" ones anyway, that are utilized by these guys are also used in multinational companies pulling in millions of dollars by major SEO professionals. The SEO for affiliates VOD and DVD will cover many of these strategies as well as the "black hat" ones that should be avoided. Go to or (after Sept 3 and 10th respectively) to get on the mailing list and be the first to get these seo training videos - hey, you may even get sent special free bonuses and pricing! You never know! Oh, and if you're in NY make sure you catch a seminar or two!

Graphic and Web Design Is Still the Bread & Butter

Gorbs Corp. has been, and always will be, primarily a design and development company delivering great design, functional navigation, artistic Flash and expert template manipulation - something that is becoming more and more popular. However, it's easy to forget the hundreds of banners done for clients.

Banners are still a VERY viable and lucrative part of the business. Although your basic static banner may be past its prime, more and more clients are coming to Gorbs for animated gif and Flash banners. I'm not sure if you can call it a resurgence, but it's definitely an easy way to spend the day and make some cash when the website business is slow! I probably knock out a banner every 15-20 minutes (an hour or two for Flash but I charge for those hours!) and generally work a few hours and take the rest of the day off (by off I mean work on the other 200 projects on the slate!) The same rules apply as in the old days though. Make sure you follow the specs of the target placement VERY carefully - especially things like ClickTags. Keep it small and make it "pop." Oh, and make sure you listen to the client - that's rule 1. 

I mentioned template manipulation being popular. I'll touch on that in another post!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The New Can You SEO? Seminar Series from Gorbs

This fall and winter Gorbs Corp. is proud to present a brand new SEO and SEM Seminar Series in the NYC and Long Island areas. Locations and dates are to be announced shortly. This series starts with a basic overview and ends with tons of information that will get the beginner internet marketer to the next level and allow the professional to really get a handle on what it takes to get to, and stay at, that coveted first page of results! MUCH more to come as we introduce Search Engine Optimization classes, videos and audio and tele seminars.

Make sure to go to OR and get on the mailing list (after Sept. 3rd, 2009) for show specials, free seo tools and techniques, and more!